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In a world where the demons and the evils of humanity wreak havoc,

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  • Damage multiplier [x1 – x1000]
  • God mode

Action Taimanin is a free game in the category Action. It is the first product of the publisher GREMORY GAMES INC. This game has become a famous brand, creating a reputation for this producer, with the perfect combination of RPG and Action (ARPG) games. The game’s content is exciting and fascinating stories about a war between two opposing forces: human and evil. You join the game to prevent bad things from happening – that is, to stop the world domination of traitors. An attractive plot with outstanding features of the game will definitely bring many great things for you.

Action Taimanin


In the old days, when demons were also part of Earth’s life, they signed with other people living together on Earth signed an agreement called the Treaty of Peace. However, after a period of life, the demon lord’s infinite greed emerged. They have used their military might to invade the purpose of world rulership, breaking the rules and agreements signed earlier in the Treaty with humanity.

A fierce battle ensued, resulting in the demon lords being sealed and punished in hell. It seemed that the war had ended and gone down in history, but no – their dark powers rose again after thousands of years. The place that first suffered from their brutal destruction is Tokyo, Japan. To prevent the destruction of those traitors, the Japanese government created a special force consisting of ninjas with superior strength and skill. The mission of this force is to fight against the invasion of the devil.

Action Taimanin


Join the game, and you will be a core member to lead the Japanese government forces through difficulties, fight the dark forces and protect human lives. This game has the gameplay of the Hack and Slash genre and takes place in a 3D environment, so the wars are displayed extremely fierce and fierce, like the context of the wars that took place in history. Progress of the game takes place according to the progress of the storyline. Accordingly, you will go through each stage in turn, fighting each group of different monsters to eliminate them from human life.

The game has created for you a mission system, some missions are difficult to overcome, but it brings challenges for you. At the same time, it brings valuable experience and handsome rewards for you as well. In it, your first task is to get back the biological weapon. However, this research was stolen by the UFS organization. Therefore, you need to fight head-on with UFS to save your research. During the battle, your characters will develop and gradually adapt to the harsh environment.

Action Taimanin


The characters in this game are the heroes Taimanins recruited by the government and formed an army with special missions. They have a powerful fighting ability. In particular, they have the ability to absorb the power of their enemies to improve their own strength. In this army, the game allows you to play the role of one of three famous characters, to perform sweeping demons out of the world. You will be the main character and control a set of troops with more than 30 minor characters. They will fight automatically and assist you in all battles.

For the strength of your character to constantly increase, you must have weapons and regularly upgrade weapons. You can buy weapons in the shop or collect them right in the process of fighting. Each weapon will have different properties and levels of damage, even the ability to upgrade. Some good weapons you can use, such as swords or darts possessed. Besides, you need to devise a good strategy to have the ability to defeat the enemy more quickly.


One of the things that makes this game so appealing is the graphics and effects. This game is carefully designed and detailed from character to scene, even objects placed on the map. On the game screen, there will always appear pictures of monsters attacking you. The faster you kill them, and the more open space will become.

The skills, crafting skills in the game, and the effects are created beautifully, making most players enjoy and satisfy. The realistic battle scenes, the vivid sound of lightning and magic created, along with the harmonious, balanced lighting, make for a beautiful and wonderful game.

Action Taimanin

If you want to experience vivid and beautiful 3D images incorporated in surreal battles, download the game and start playing! Wish you have fun playing the game!

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  • Last Update: January 28, 2022
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